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Worry Dolls

In the rural regions of Guatemala, Central America, weaving cloth has been a major occupation since the time of the Ancient Maya. And wherever fabric has been manufactured, there have always been offcuts and scraps; so just as some cultures devised ‘mojo’ bags from leftover material used for clothing, so did the Mayans make small ‘magical’ bags out of their throw away cloth. But instead of the usual fetishes or charms, these bags contained six small dolls made from tiny splinters of wood and bits of cloth. So called because they were used to ease worries or fears nike mercurial superfly , the tradition of making ‘Worry Dolls’ remains to the present day.

How Do Worry Dolls Work?When a child is worried or frightened, their parents present them with a bag, or sometimes a tiny colourfully painted wooden box, of six Worry Dolls. The child is given one doll each night for six nights nike mercurial superfly and instructed to tell their worries to the doll, place the doll under their pillow and go to sleep. The next morning when the child wakes, they find that the doll has gone from under their pillow, taking their worries with it1.

Benefits Of Worry DollsWorry Dolls can be particularly useful in easing the troubles of hospitalised children especially those awaiting surgery or having oncology treatments. But it is not only children who can benefit from Worry Dolls, adults with insomnia or anxieties have been known to use the dolls to good effect as well. After the six dolls have been used over six nights, all worries should be gone!2

Make Your Own Worry DollsTo make your own Worry Dolls you will need the following:

Garbage bag ties3 (three per doll)Coloured cottonScraps of paperScissorsGlueFelt tip pen or markerCloth bag or a small painted wooden boxEach Worry Doll will be about three inches high, a little larger than the traditional type, but they will still work to the same ends. You can of course make your Worry Dolls with splinters of wood and scrap materials like the Mayans if you so wish, the process is much the same.

Twist two of the garbage ties together about one inch from the end. Leave the short ends together for the doll’s head, and separate the long ends for the legs.

Wrap the third garbage tie around the other two and twist to make the doll’s arms. Cut if necessary for the doll’s arms to be the same length. Bend the ends of the ties for hands and feet.

Tie the end of a long piece of cotton around the centre of the doll and wrap the cotton around the body and down one leg. Then wind the cotton back up the leg. Wind cotton up and down the other leg and tie off the loose ends.

Wrap the chest and arms of the doll in the same nike mercurial superfly way that the legs were wrapped.

Fold a small piece of paper in half, and trim to a circle shape for a head and face. Fold the head over the twist tie ends, glue in place, and add a face with the pen or marker4. Now you have a Worry Doll!

Repeat the steps above five times, and then find a suitable cloth bag or box to put them all in.

Once you have created a complete set of Worry Do nike mercurial superfly lls, use them wisely!

1Much like when teeth put under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy disappear come the morning.2This is not to be taken as read, the human psyche is a complex thing.3Often called ‘twist ties’, these are small plastic covered wires, a little like pipe cleaners but not so fluffy.4Two eyes and a smile are enough; you don’t have to be Van Gogh.

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Worries of heart rate And Heart Failure

I should start by saying I am 22 years old I weight about 182lbs roughly and am about 1 cm shy of 6 feet tall, (I smoked off and on from nov 04 feb 06 when I quit and have not smoked since could that have caused any damage?) So I no longer smoke, I do not drink never have. And my life style is admittedly very sedentary.About a year ago I started experiencing elevated heart rates, though it is quite possible I had them before simply did not notice them at the time as from 2006 and on my main fear from my anxiety disorder was my heart, so when it happend I felt very hot suddenly shakey. and my heart rate shot up to 170 beats per minute and took roughly 2 hours for me to calm down and for my heart rate to once again drop below 100 bpm and go back to normal. I had several (3 4) more of these and I contacted my doctor Whom only 1 month prior had given my yearly phsyical which for the first time included an EKG as I asked for it due to my own fears. It came back with a BPM of 114 but with a NSR and everything looked fine.So when I went back in to see her she used a device to take my pulse and listened to my heart for several minutes and took my bp which was of course high (I am very nervous when I have tests done) and after all that she had a long talk with me and my father, she upped my xanax dosage which was before these events only 1/2 a mg a day to 2mg’s with a slow increase and allowed me an extra 1mg if needed for bad episodes and I brought up beta blockers and CHB’s to her, She sai nike mercurial superfly d beta blockers were something she was considering but did not wish to push on me , but she also thought them worth a shot as the one she prescribed she said (Toprol) Had the effect of reducing symptoms of the Fight or flight response (panic attacks) and it would keep my heart rate under control since that was a main worry of mine and still is. I was originally on 25 mg and that was reduced to breaking the pill in half. I had a follow up with her in Sept of 07 and things seemed ok then also pulse at the visit earlier that year was 103 pulse checked at this visit was 90 which during an anxiety episode is a good improvement at least to me I think. (since starting Toprol I have only had 3 time when my heart rate exceeded 140 and they never lasted more then 30 minutes that I can THINK of.)My questions are straight forward Does this drug put me at risk for heart failure? because lately I have been feeling like my heart is beating . Weaker? I used to always be easily aware of it and now that is quite hard to do.Do these episodes seem like anxiety or panic related or more related to something like SVT ? I also get these. heaving like feelings in the center of my chest sometimes And I was curious if these are indicative of anything heart related.Do you think another EKG is warranted and what would you say in your opinion is my over all cardiac risk for heart failure / disease / attack and can my medications lead to or cause it?I would ask my doctor these questions but as my insurance company and I are having some problems this is the only place I could think to turn to.My past history includes Diagnoses from 2001 present for GERD and Panic Diso nike mercurial superfly rder and Chronic Anxiety. More common of these are Anxiety, panic, fever, low HB, SVT, atrial fibrillation, Hyper Thyroidism, pregnancy, etc. The list goes on but these are the frequently encountered ones.Now, your EKG showing NSR means that Atrial fibrillation and SVT are automatically ruled out. I take it, you don’t have frequent fevers and your HB is normal. I am sure you can’t get pregnanat [lol !] hence we are left with thyroid and anxiety. I just feel anxiety is the root cause of your predicament.Toprol [metoprolol] is one of the treatment of heart failure and it cannot be the reason of it.I suggest you do a lot of aerobic exercises. This will condition your heart and increase the vagal tone which will reduce the heart rate. Vigorous exercises will also divert your mind to some purposeful activity and reduce the anxiety. I had another question I forgot to ask. is it possible for anxiety or panic to cause my heart to race for 2 4 hours at speeds of around 130 180. Because despite taking 12.5 mg of metoprolol. I was forced to take another 12.5. As my heart started racing and It took an hour after taking it as it slowly brought it back down to the 80’s. I did what I could to monitor the rate itself. It never seemed to beat unevenly. Just VERY fast. no skipped beats that I noticed.So is it possible anxiety and panic caused this?In SVT are the beats uneven?and are high heart rates like this lethal? or damaging?Thank you very muchHi Blackrain99 I’m following up on open questions in this topic and having read through the whole thread here I am pretty well convinced your symptoms are anxiety mediated. Although a rate of 170 is very unusual for sinus tachycardia, it can happen, especially in people who already have a lot of adrenaline loose in the bloodstream and a higher than normal resting rate. While there is a remote possibility that yo nike mercurial superfly ur rapid rate is due to a tacharrhythmia such as atrial flutter or juntional tachycardia (the former requires some attention but is not extremely serious and usually never goes much over 150; the latter is more annoying than anything else; both are pretty regular, whereas atrial fibrillation is extremely irregular), it seems, given all the facts you’ve provided, that it is unlikely anything but an extreme response to intense anxiety.Are you currentl nike mercurial superfly y taking Toprol on a routine basis? One of the things I’ve learned is that unless doctors specifically educate their patients about beta blockers, people tend to lapse into only taking them when they perceive a problem, then stop when it appears to be corrected. Stopping a beta blocker, or taking one only intermittently, can actually cause a rebound effect which will aggravate the very problem you are seeking to solve. Just a thought.The fact that your doctor was examining you during a rapid rate episode at last visit and didn’t feel it necessary to perform an EKG would suggest she feels there is nothing to be revealed that way, that the heart is essentially healthy, but just running at a rate that’s uncomfortably fast. This is where beta blocker therapy comes in handy, although you could of course be suffering from an overactive thyroid. Has this been checked?I noticed also, earlier on, that you asked about Toprol making the heartbeat “weaker.” In a sense, the answer is yes, but not in a bad way. What beta blockers like Toprol do is to block the body’s uptake of adrenaline, a stress hormone that can make the heart beat faster and harder. The drug is used for a lot of different heart related things, including blood pressure reduction. It accomplishes this by not only slowing the heart rate but also by reducing cardiac output in effect making the heart beat less vigorously than it would otherwise. This is a good thing as a rule, since the overall overactivity of the heart is far more noticeable to the patient, and usually makes one more anxious because of this awareness. So while it does decrease the force of the beat somewhat, it is bringing it more into line with what it should actually be, and that’s all to the good.If you take a beta blocker intermittently or stop it abruptly, this definitely can cause a very unpleasant response wherein the heart will start beating a good deal faster than before, and the force will also be noticeable. In addition, because of the uptake of adrenaline, one may also feel quite anxious when this happens.You’ve been on a very low dose of Toprol, but hopefully you are taking it as prescribed, which is every day, not just “as needed.”