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Won’t Get In The Way Of Meeting A Special Someone For Valentine’s Day

Feb. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Auggiedog, the award winning motorized pooper scooper, is the perfect dog waste solution for pe nike mercurial ople looking to strike up conversations while out with their pooch. With its walking stick design and secure waste receptacle, the Auggiedog prevents dog owners from carrying around embarrassing bags of dog waste, so they can focus instead on social interaction and possibly a hot date forYouTube video showcases the social embarrassment and overall grossness that comes from using poop bags. It also highlights the benefits of the simple no bag Auggiedog solution which allows hands free operation.”Dog owners are passionate about their pooches and enjoy watching them interact with other dogs at the dog park or out on a hike,” saidDave McGee, creator of the Auggiedog. “These excursions are a good place to meet new people, but nature’s call often gets in the way. Imagine Sally finally builds up the courage to talk to Mike at the dog park. Right when she starts telling a funny story, Fido makes a mess right by her feet. Out comes the bag and the awkward lean over to pick up the mess. It’s a stinky situation that kills the mood. With Auggiedog, she ca nike mercurial n casually hit a button, pick up the poop, and get back to Mike and start working on plans for aValentine’s Day date.”Chivalry isn’t dead! Men and women can use the Auggiedog to rescue a cute nike mercurial dog owner from the chore of using bags, an act that is sure to be appreciated.Five Star rated by the American Pet Association, the Auggiedog resembles a walking stick with a round cylinder bottom that houses the motor and a large volume collection area for complete yard clean up. A telescoping handle allows a user to adjust the height of Auggiedog to the most comfortable position and also improves the reach of people with limited mobility. A snap on cap at the bottom of the unit ensures the waste is locked in until the user releases it. The tool easily picks up dog waste from a variety of surfaces including pavement, nike mercurial grass, gravel and even wood chips. For more information or to place an order, visitAuggiedog is a revolutionary “powered stool tool” that gives consumers a hands free dog waste removal that works on a variety of surfaces. It features expanded cylindrical base that stores waste that is pulled up with a unique auger style action. Waste pick up and disposal are done with one click of a button, and the device is easily sanitized with the included clean station.

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