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With “Gossip Girl” becoming more and more popular, the dresses, jewelry and handbags of the characters have led the trend in fashion. As a matter of fact, the handbags in every episode will be the best seller in this season. Till now, there have been a lot of handbags showing up in “Gossip Girl”.

Chanel, one of the most famous brands in the world, has been chased by many people, especially women. In the fourth season of “Gossip Girl”, the round brown small handbag attracts lots of people’s attention. Its classic chain and circular design inherit the eternal tradition of Chanel, both graceful and cute. With the gold jacket and blue pants, the main character looks very handsome and gorgeous. And the logo of Chanel is still outstanding, which tells people its position and charm. Another bag of Chanel is very suitable for the office ladies and the girls who have to take a lot of private items with them. This bag is in large size, which means it can hold many items. It is very practical. Its classic elements, simple patterns and chain, display Chanel’s unique feature. And its double C logo show people the noble feeling inadvertently. Women can choose a short skirt and long blue suit to match with it.

The square large bag of Celine makes young girls special and different. The combination of white and b nike mercurial lack adds the vitality of both the bag and the woman. And this bag is very stylish and functional. Its simple and plain design makes women competent and confident. Therefore, it is a bag suitable for career women. In order to outstand the feature of this bag, women can choose simple long shirt in light color.

Black color will never step out of fashion. This black leather handbag looks ve nike mercurial ry dignified, noble and elegant. With its nike mercurial gold chain, it seems more luxurious. Girls can carry this bag in two ways because it owns two chains. One is short and the other is long, which can meet women’s different needs. In fashion circle, Derek Lam is as popula nike mercurial r as Mulberry. Matched with the light colored silk shirt, green uniform pants and sandals of new style, the girl will be very handsome. Her temperament is integrated with both toughness and softness.

All in all, there are numerous bags in “Gossip Girl”. As long as people are careful enough, they can find what they really like and they can also become the leaders in fashion.

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