nike mercurial Wonder woman comes to rescue

Wonder woman comes to rescue

A new “visual album” in the bag, The Mrs Carter Show (which already stopped by last summer) has only gone and given itself a remix. Less Marie Antoinette, more Flashdance.

Is Carter 2.0 any use? It certainly is. Groovier and sexier than should be allowed, in fact. Last time around, t nike mercurial here were setlist issues. The same problems persist, only now Beyonc has mastered the art of pulling the wool over our eyes.

In other words, there are more distractions. There’s only about ten minutes of bangin’ tunes on of nike mercurial fer in the first hour the rest is glitzy show and tell.

For Naughty Girl, our leading woman literally sets the stage on fire. Baby Boy, meanwhile, makes full use of the spectacular visuals, and the tasty Blow is an explosive assault on the senses. As usual, Beyonc’s all female band is on hand to bring the funk.

You’ll have to excuse the contradictions. For example, there’s a video that presents a clear definition of the word ‘femini nike mercurial st’. And Beyonc is all about female empowerment. So why is the gig named after her husband, Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter? As for the lascivious Drunk in Love and the things she does to that chair . Resplendent in thigh high boots, we’ll later see her in little more than a shirt and hat and a skin coloured number that plays tricks on our eyes. Her hair is always flowing.

A wonderful mover, and a damn fine singer too, the glamorous Texan slays Love on Top’s pesky key changes. Pity she leaves the rest of her gold star material until the end, serving up Single Ladies and Crazy in Love out of necessity more than interest. Oh well. She’s all about the new you have to admire that.

A sultry, energ nike mercurial etic and beautifully choreographed display of R pop, with a powerhouse performer at its centre, The Mrs Carter Show is still far from perfect. But its star is still every bit the wonder woman you’d expect.

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