nike mercurial Wonder ShowzenIntroduction

Wonder Showzen

Introduction: “Todays Wonder Showzen is brought to you by; the letter N, Mexico, and Baby’s First Sensual Oil, because you’re never too young to set the night on fire.”

Kaitlin: “Mr. Chauncey, we have to ask God to put the Earth back together.”

Kaitlin: “All you gotta do is pretend to believe, prove to yourself its ok to deceive. Just tell your mind to lie to your soul and let the fright of god take control. Gibralter: “In a related story, advances in genetic technologies have allowed parents to customize their babies in the womb. With such awesome accessories as a cup holder, built in CD player, 4 wheel drive, and acne that spells out the name of your favorite band.” the acne is in the shape of the logo of the metal band, Dokken

Tyler: “The only difference between “Special”, and “Wonderful”, is . . . Tyler.”

Chauncey: “We’re gonna be rich.”

“We’re on an adventure, you’re not on our adventure. You’ll never have an adventure, cause you’re sitting on your couch like a loser. Smash your TV and have nike mercurial adventure. Smash your TV and have adventure. Smash your TV and have adven nike mercurial ture. Smash your TV and have adventure.”

Letter A: “I got some letters for ‘ya. F U.”

Number 1: “Yea? I got a number for ‘ya. Number 2 . . on your chest, jerk!”

Boy: My daddy needs pills for love.

Chauncey: “Hey brothers and sisters, it’s your friendly neighborhood hippie here with a message of peace. We can stop this knife fight if we all join hands and visualize a big hug in the sky.”

Wonder Showzen Girl: “Shut up hippie! You stink, go take a shower!”

Boogie Noogie Bunch: [singing] Boogity munch, w nike mercurial e’re the Boogie Noogie Bunch! Clouds they snuggle and cookies they smunch! Huggies and’a kissies, cuddles and crunch! We’re the Boogie Noogie Bunch!

G nike mercurial rumpy Boogie: I don’t like Noogie Boogie! And I don’t their Noogie music with their porch Noogie jungle Boogie beats!

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