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Worst Goody Bags

Just curious, what were some of your favorite race goody bags and t shirts.

For me, my all time favorite goody bag has been the one I received at Shamrock. got a technical shirt at the expo, then at the finish we got a finishers shirt, a medal, and cap.

The one that was the biggest disappointment was Disney Princess Marathon. for what you pay for, there wasn’t much there. other one that really disappointed me, or my pet peeve with race goody bags is when you receive the same shirt whether you ran the marathon, the half marathon, the 10K, or the 5K. did the Bismarck Half marathon and the shirt is the exact same for all races. I do a marathon I like a shirt that says I did a marathon KWIM?

My DH’s favorite race goody bag was from the Birkie ski race in Wisconsin. Boston marathon goody bag was pretty awesome too. did receive goodie bag once that was loaded with energy bars, included an excercise band along with a list of resistance excercises, and technical tee that was placed inside a fabric reusable bag. and one time I got a sweatshirt instead of a tshirt during the winter months. That was a nice change. It was for a half marathon but we didn’t get a medal and I was ok with that since registration was only 25 bucks nike mercurial superfly .

The only good things I have gotten in the race bags are chapstick, sun lotion, and a coupon for $10 off another Rock n roll.

I think they are a waste. I have yet to get a shirt that I would actually wear. They are ALWAYS designed for a man. another thing, why do they always serve crappy beer at the end of a race. Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada need to sponser one of these races one day : ) my rant)

BTW I heard one of the San Fran Womens marathons gives away a tiffany charm at the end. That would be nice : )

My 7 year old gets most of our race shirts for nightgowns. She loves them.

I keep the long sleeve ones to sleep in during cold weather, or I wear them around the house if we aren’t going anywhere, or to do stuff like painting at our mommy me preschool for the little one. If I ever got a decent tech shirt in a race bag I’d probably treat it better, but so far these have all been cotton. Except they were nike mercurial superfly nt’ free, you had to take a paid trial membership that included only a select group of available songs. Bwa nike mercurial superfly h.

The most useful bag was the one that had the $20 off $100 coupon to my favorite running store. Got my next pair of shoes cheaper than I could even find them online, and it always feels good to spend my money locally.

I am getting really tired o nike mercurial superfly f water bottles, though. I just recycle them now.

A Vera Bradley bag would be awesome make a great running bag, to replace my “DH went to a trade show and got another free backpack” running bags!

I think its the nike womens half in San Fran that give a Tiffany necklace. I will run that some day! I also want run the vineyard to vineyard someday too.

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