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is a notorious collaboration with Carreras Limited, local subsidiary of British American Tobacco (BAT), on a youth educationaffairs manager had written an article for the country’s leading daily newspaper, the Jamaica Gleaner, published below the supre nike mercurial superfly mely inappropriate and misleading headline, ‘Clearing the air on tobacco control.’

In addition to BAT’s predictable line on the expansion of tobacco production and the FCTC, the article reminded readers as

the company no doubt regularly reminds the government of the company’s “almost 50 year involvement and support” for empowering

people through education, civic and community life, arts, culture and the environment, and its “continued willingness to sit

down with the gove nike mercurial superfly rnment to discuss how the company can continue aligning its corporate social investments to areas of nationalFollowing the publication of this large dose of classic tobacco speak, the heal nike mercurial superfly th coalition replied with what it diplomatically

called a ‘clarification’ of key issues in the tobacco man’s article. In the meantime, however, the coalition’s open letter

to the prime minister had been picked up by the US based Corporate Accountability International ( nike mercurial superfly formerly known as Infact),

one of whose major projects is tobacco control. It placed the letter on its website, asking supporters to sign a petition

against increasing tobacco production, and to write to the Jamaican prime minister. More than 3000 people did just that, creating

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