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World’s worst airline

“You’re way better off spending the double amount of money or more. They are rude, and not willing to help you in any way if anything does not go exactly according to plan.””Ryanair comes across as totally unscrupulous and the whole process of traveling with them is designed to trip you up every step of the way and extract more money out of you.”You can’t find a good word from its customers about Ryanair, Europe’s biggest low cost airline, a juggernaut growing at more than 20% a year. But for many passengers, it seems it is the worst airline in the world.So for whom is it the world’s best airline?Well, by quite some margin in Europe, it is the darling of “the City”, the world of big business and finance, because it holds the record for pro rata profitability. By market valuation, it is bigger than any of Europe’s airline giants, British Airways, Air France KLM or Lufthansa.If you think Australia’s low cost airlines, Tiger Airways, Virgin Blue and Jetstar, are bad, they’ve got some way to go before they’re as bad as Ryanair.But they’re trying. According to figures from Consumer Affairs Victoria, complaints about airlines are the number one gripe in all of consumerland, with most about cancelled flights, flight times changed at short notice, promised refunds that are not honoured and failure to reimburse extra accommodation costs caused by flight cancellations or changes.The airline industry, like football teams, can’t resist fads, whether it’s flooding or defensive pressure or “the Ryanair model”. It makes lots of money, airline managements think, so it must be right.Yet, if you believe Jetstar and Tiger, they’ve dumped the Ryanair model of annoying their customers. Unlike Ryanair, you can how ring a phone number and talk to a real human if you have a problem.The main reason is that, while Europe has only in the past few years discovered airline deregulation and cheap fares, Australia had its first low cost airlines almost 20 years ago.America has had deregulation for 30 years and its biggest low cost carriers, Southwest and Jet Blue, are not only profitable but popular with their customers and win plenty of customer service awards.But airlines in Australia are still dazzled by the Ryanair model, which is only getting started, if you listen to its chief executive Michael O’Leary.Here’s what it wants to do: free airfares for everyone, but m nike mercurial superfly uch higher “ancillary” charges for extras like luggage and excess luggage, using credit cards and a roll call of O’Leary fantasies like paying to go to the toilet, standing passengers, instead of seated passengers, who are strapped into some type of harness to comply with safety regulations, and passengers checking in their bags themselves to ground handlers on the tarmac to save on check in costs.So how much of this stuff is enough? Are you sick of the brave new world of airlines, where the food is lousy or non existent and you have to pay for a smile? Would you pay extra for a) checking in after the contentious 30 minute limit, b) extra legroom, c) included snacks like there used to be? Or do the airlines just suffer from a bad attitude that would cost nothing but goodwill to fix? Post nike mercurial superfly your comments below .It’s akin to going into the city to shop, and buying a coat for $0.50c and then moaning and complaining that it’s not as nice as one that costs $100. It’s laughable really.I flew from Milan to London a few years ago with Ryanair. The fare? FIFTY pence Sterling. Yes, less than one dollar for a trip of over 1,000kms. Sure, I could have paid a THOUSAND nike mercurial superfly times more (literally) and taken a BA flight, enjoyed a free cup nike mercurial superfly of coffee and a scone instead, but I had better things to do with my money.Ryanair is a great airline. However, it is not in the business of pampering its customers. It’s a commuter business really. Do people complain they don’t get a free drink when they catch the bus into town? If you want that, hire a limo. Same model.Now stop complaining you whiners, and realize that you get what you pay for. You want luxury, or higher levels of service? Pay for it. You want the best value air travel in the world? Fly Ryanair.Argument over. Nothing more to see here. Move along.I flew RyanAir multiple times when I was living in the UK between 2001 and 2005. Although I had generally positive experiences with the airline (I don’t care about paying for food on a 2 hour flight, though I certainly wouldn’t be standing on it that long), my biggest gripe with them is what keeps them so cheap. They don’t fly to ‘real’ airports.A perfect example is one of their two “Stockholm, Sweden” flights. One is to an airport about 65km outside of Stockholm, the other is to Vasteras, which, according to Google Maps, is 143km and 2 hours from Stockholm.Once you get there and realise you need to pay 5x your flight costs in bus fare (as there is no train) you begin to wonder just how easy and worthwhile this ‘affordable flying’ really is.It’s a similar situation to flying to “Melbourne” via Avalon. Hopefully that’s the end of Australian airlines copying the RyanAir example, because I’d be pretty annoyed to land in Newcastle to get to Sydney!I have flown Ryanair many times within Europe and my experiences have always been great. Sure the on board service is hardly Singapore Airlines First Class but for short haul flights and for the insanely low prices who seriously cares. If you want a ‘free’ drink and meal then open up your wallet and pay full fare on a premium airline. I’ve had the pleasure of flying Singapore Airline First Class and the service was outstanding. However, I also paid AUD12k for the privilege and would rate Ryan Air on par given I paid GBP10! Perhaps the whingers should read the fine print before clicking OK on their next flight.

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