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World’s Tiniest Four

Think the little two seater Smart Car looks interesting zooming down the freeway? Starting in the first half of next year, expect to see yet another teeny, tiny car rolling down the streets of your town.

Toyota announced that it nike mercurial superfly will soon begin shipping the 2012 version of its minuscule Scion iQ, the first four seater car in the micro compact automobile category.

“The iQ is the fourth vehicle in the family, and it will define the premium micro subcompact segment as the choice for new urbanites who want clever transportation without a sacrifice in style or new features,” said Jack Hollis, Scion Vice President.

At just over ten feet in length, the iQ is only one foot longer than Smart ForTwo, despite fitting in legroom for a family of four. Toyota calls its new offering a “premium micro compact,” adding in anti lock brakes, traction control, stability assist, and a whopping 11 air bags, all designed to make you feel safer maneuvering around all of the speeding mega SUVs.

If you a smaller family, the nike mercurial superfly back seats split, with either or both folding down to provide additional trunk space.

Like most micro compacts, don expect a lot of ge nike mercurial superfly t up and go, given its 94 horsepower 1.3 liter four cylinder engine roughly the same as a decent motorcycle, and a little over half that of a 2012 Ford Focus. It all about fuel efficiency, and the iQ sips gas at 37 mpg. T nike mercurial superfly he 160 200 watt Pioneer audio system might more than make up for the lack of zip in the engine.

Interested? Expect to plunk down around $16,000 $17,000 after freight costs, taxes and registration fees. I might be persuaded to wait for the all electric version, to be introduced later next year.

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