nike mercurial superfly World’s Most Expensive Paper L

World’s Most Expensive Paper Lunch Bag Will Cost You

Behold! The world’s most expensive paper lunch bag will set you back a pretty penny. Designer Jil Sander’s Vasari bag, which its website describes as featuring nike mercurial superfly “a long rectangular silhouette” and being “crafted from coated paper,” retails for $290.

The creation is accented with some stitching, gold colored eyelets and the words “Jil Sanders” printed on the bottom. Mercifully, Gawker says what we’re all thinking:

While Vasari’s minimalist design is attractive and in line with Jil Sander’s style you’re still paying a lot of money for nike mercurial superfly a bag made out of paper. For $290, you could buy all the brown paper bags you need, and you’d still have enough left over for metal eyelets (sold separately) and a pen to write “Jil Sander” at the bottom.

But too bad if you were thinking of buying a Vasari bag; they’re already sold out.

For the record, a DIY post on Australian fashion blog, A Pair and a Spare, recently created a Jil Sande nike mercurial superfly r inspired bag that looks a great deal like the real thing. Yes, it’s just a paper bag with the top cut off and no, it didn’t cost $290. It does look a bit like she’s carrying her leftovers, nike mercurial superfly though.

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