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Working with Columns

Columns can help to separate sections of your document and make them look more inviting to read. The length of a line of text inside the columns is shortened, therefore making it easier to read. Columns are a good way to separate sections of your document on one page. For example, when creating a newsletter or bulletin, columns will give a more professional look. Therefore, any formatting changes such as margins, indents, or headers and footers that you make to the column text affect only the section, not the entire document.

You can create columns before or after you start typing. You can create columns on your entire document or on selected text only. How you accomplish this depends on your starting point:

If you choose to impo nike mercurial superfly se columns before you start typing, the text that you type will flow into columns until you choose to end the section.

If you set your insertion point within your text, Word will impose columns in the entire document. Using the toolbar to create columns is quick and easy, whereas nike mercurial superfly the Columns dialog box offers more options for modification.

: Dialog Box Option

Using the Columns dialog box gives you more options for modifying colu nike mercurial superfly mns than using the toolbar option. With the dialog box, you can adjust the width and spacing of columns. Also, the dialog box allows you to create up to 45 columns depending on the size of your paper; however, standard paper allows only 12 columns.

Select the text to be formatted into columns

Place insertion point within text in document.

NOTE: For more information refer to . The following section provides instructions on how to adjust column width, add lines, insert column breaks, and level column endings. nike mercurial superfly

Adjusting Column Width: Ruler Option

Windows: If necessary, from the View menu, select Print Layout

Macintosh: From the View menu, select Page Layout

Word will not allow you to use this option if Equal column width is selected in the Column dialog box.

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