mercurial superfly Working in an Attic with Vermi

Working in an Attic with Vermiculite

Q. Hi Mark, First let me thank you for replying so promptly, your information is grea mercurial superfly tly appreciated. [S]econd, I still have a bag or two [of vermiculite] in my attic and I was going to use it and then cover over it with plywood. Actually I was going to plywood my whole attic floor and cover it up, do you think that it would be safe? I have 2 children and I want to be safe, I a mercurial superfly m a do it yourselfer and I can afford professional removal. If you get a chance to reply I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks for letting me pick your mercurial superfly brain!

I can really tell you to do anything other than what the EPA says, and the EPA says to leave it alone. If it must be disturbed, it should be done by a professional. I understand that you are a do it yourself kind of mercurial superfly person, and that you really can afford to have a professional come take care of it. So my recommendation is to leave it be. Start saving. And when you have enough put away to hire a professional, do so. Some things are easy for a home owner to do. Some things should be left to the folks with the proper equipment and training. This is one of those things that should be left to the pros.

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