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Wonders of Wool

It was a most wonderful day yesterday. The market was packed, the purchases fast and furious, and many, many crinkly paper bags full of wool wentwalking out the door, carried by very happy owners.

My own purchases amounted to three bags full. I am still grinning with pleasure.

These aretwo yummy 200g skeins of100% pure NZ wool (Corriedale) yarn in the 4 ply weight, in a colourway called Sky I wanted it as soon as I saw it because it going to be my second attempt at theSouthern Sk mercurial superfly iesshawl. I have realised that super twist yarn is perhaps not the best for this shawl when combined with my tension (my first attempt came out pitifully small), so I going to use this spin instead, combined with bigger needles. Plus, I think the variegation of dark blue/purple, brown and green is going to make fantastic visual interest in this pi shawl, with the swirling colours going round and round.

This is also Anna Gratton Little Wool Co. 100% pure wool, this time in Saffron. It actually an even richeryellow than this photo suggests more like an egg yolk colour. I love it, and it is going to become the Rosebud shawl. I love yellow roses, and I think this colour will be perfect for it.

More 4 ply 100% pure wool from Anna Gratton, this is a natural colour wool, the Silver colourway. There are no definite plans for it, but I think ashawl in natural colour would be perfect at some point.

You won believe how long I had to wait to get this photo! Mary stall was crowded with enthusiastic shoppers I have still managed to get someone of holding a skein in this pic despite trying to respect people privacy by not taking pictures of them shopping. It was quite funny to see a dozen armsreaching into those hanging display units the first time I went past. It would have made an amazing picture. I am just so happy that her yarn is being recognised. It is really great stuff. This picture was taken at around 11am, and already the stocks were looking low.

Mary has both aran weight and DK weight yarn. This lot is DK weight, and after seeing the darling little sweater she had knitted in this barn red colourway, I have decided to do the same for my baby nephew. I reckon he look so cute in it! These are two 100g hanks (about 400m in total), so I think there will be enough yarn, as long as I knit it this winter! I think I need to emphasise here how light this yarn is compared to many wool yarns, this wool is like meringue, it incredibly lofty, and very suitable for little ones due to its light weight and lack of scratch.

Talking some more to Mary, I realise just how much effort has gone into getting this yarn right. She told me that the first spin she did of this woolwas rejected because it did not reflect thequality of the wool it was too dense and ropey. So she turnedto aboutique New Zealand mill, Wild Earth Yarns, with the request that she the wool to be spun so that the crimp of the fleece is matched by the twist of the spinning. Lush!

Mary also makes a beautiful wool wash. It has a refreshing euca mercurial superfly lyptus scent (made with real essential oils, not synthetic chemical smell), and I was very happy to obtain another bottle from her.

Some of you will already know that Jessicah has passed the Spinning a Yarn business to her equally talented sister. Her sister (I rather rudely forgot to ask her name) has started a website for Spinning a Yarnand I have to say, it is very cool. LOVE the way she has displayed those yarns oh so temptingly! (The original etsy site containsthe remainder of Jessicah work). The idea is to have a new collection of colourways every season, so what you see above is this season offering which will change again in a few months time.

I fell instantly in love with this golden merino/silk creation, Winter Sweet:

I couldn quite capture the colour correctly in this photo. It truly is a gold. The website pic is more accurate. These aretwo 100g skeins in the 4 ply weight (800m total), destined to become a beautiful shawl at some point.

Spinning a Yarn, like all the stalls at the market, was heaving with customers and I had to try to take photos in between hands here one of mercurial superfly my out takes. It made me smile to see so much enthusiasm.

Of course, a visit to the Wonders of Wool market is never complete without astop atHolland Road Yarn Co. stall. I wanted to see the new season colours and replenish my stashofKnitsch:

Theorange is Easy as Stone, the greys are the kit (more about that in a minute) and the top pinks are more Gwyne mercurial superfly th. I seem to be incapable of not having that colourway in my stash have to say that our yarnies are an incredibly talented lot when it comes to creative packaging and presentation. Look at how the kit for Isobar came:

Four 50g skeins of yarn were packagedin a cellophane bag, with pattern, and put into a small sized blank pizza box. Love it! There was plenty of this kit when I wandered over, and if you would like to have one, it is now available on the website.

By this time, this shopper energy levels were flagging just a bit. All that colour and sensory stimulation had my poor little brain spazzing. I was also conscious that one young boy was getting bored (although he was extremely good and did not complain the whole time I was there, which I was very grateful to him for).

I made one more stop. This is Happy go knitty colourful stall:

Helene did not disappoint, and I was extremely happy to come away with:

From left, a self striping in blues alpaca/merino sock yarn, destined for the older boy. Deep blue BFL random dyed, another merino/alpaca sock insoft raspberry/tangerine colours, a very lovely red semi solid BFL and last but not least, the colourway I especially wanted to acquire a self striping grey and pink BFL. Super excited I managed to get the last skein!!!

Thedeep blue and raspberry/tangerine yarns were not technically purchased they are destined to become samples for one of Helene upcoming yarn clubs. I feelvery honoured that she hasapproached me to use my Orange Roughy fingerless gloves pattern for the next club. The samples are being knitted to decide which yarn would be better for the club. This is a very thoughtful approachI feel, from the viewpoint of a designer. Helene wants me to be comfortable that the yarn she uses for the club doesshow the pattern to its best potential hence my involvement.

I was also very pleased that I did not exceed my budget for this market. Having worked very hard for the past month, my bank account is healthy enough to sustain this purchase. : ) And I wasvery pleased to invest some of it into New Zealand knitting and wool industry.

There were other stalls at the market that I did not get time to visit, and also, I had run out of budget funds by this stage a hand spinning stall with some beautiful hanks of natural coloured yarn (some of it looked like black alpaca, and was very tempting), Robyn Egge Yarns (I think they must have come down from Auckland), Yarnz (ooh, that Noro looked so pretty andseveral others.

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