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Wonderfully Woven Bags from Chameo Couture

but si mercurial superfly nce then their collection obviously grew with an addition of more wonderfully woven handbags. Chameo Couture was established in 2007 by a team of Husband and Wife, Lim Masulin and Yuliana Lim. The name CHAMEO is derived from chameleon. Chameleon survives by its ability to blend in with the surrounding. They hope the characteristic of a chameleon also goes with their handbags, they want their handbags to be relevant to the users and their surrounding.

Here are my interviews with them:.

A: Woven rattan bags have been a signature of Indonesia craftwork for ages. History also shows the rattan bags were hardly accepted by global fashion mainstream. This is where our story begins. We travelled from east to west to learn about the culture and fashion aspects of woven rattan bags. We concluded there are several issues why the bags are hardly accepted.

The major ones are design and durability. Design wise, the existing natural rattan bags are not practical due to the poor and undeveloped rattan bag making techniques. Durability wise, the natural rattan easily cracks under pressure which gives out problematic splinters (rattan thorns and splinters could penetrate through skin and cause infection, they are not friendly to the fabric or dress either). Fungi and mold will also develop once the rattan is exposed to water or high humidity environment.

CHAMEO begs to differ. We choose the fashionable highly durable synthetic rattan made of HDPE recyclable plastic to replace the fragile rattan. The synthetic rattan not only outperform the durability issues, they are also much more vibrant. Our bag making techniques also g mercurial superfly ets a major facelift, many methods are derived from the Italian designer handbags’. We also revolutionized the stitching work and created several world’s first intricate weaving patterns.

What makes us uniques is our passion to make fashionable woven rattan bag.

Q: Ot mercurial superfly her than woven rattan what other materials are you using to make the handbags? Are all the materials from Indonesia or do you still buy some parts abroad?

A: Best ingredient are vital to fine cuisine. The same goes with ourhandbags, we strive to use world’s best materials to produce fine woven handbags. Our key ingredient, the synthetic rattan, is from Indonesia and we proudly say it’s the world’s best. Our s mercurial superfly ynthetic rattan collection range and degree of complexity is unprecedented. Fendi (Italy) also used them. Most materials used for the bags are from Indonesia, except the fabric. In response to our clients’ demands, we prepared range of world’s best fabrics extended from Cirebon Batik, Thai exotic silk, Sunbrella outdoor fabric from US (for beach bags), to Italian leather. All of this done to ensure clients’ high expectation of Indonesian woven bag is fulfilled.

Q: In the Future are you planning to expand your lines to other than bags?

Q: What are the price range of Chameo products?”

A: Rp.490,000 Rp1,780,000 (about USD 50.00 180.00)

Q: Where can we purchase Chameo products (online and ofline)?

A: We have Stores: Alun Alun Grand Indonesia, Pasaraya Grande, Metro Pondok Indah, Metro Plaza Senayan and Metro Taman Anggrek

Online: Chameo Couture facebook

Q: Do you cater buyers from outside Indonesia? do you ship worldwide? if yes, what kind of payment method do you accept from customers from outside Indonesia?

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