nike mercurial superfly Worst Minnesota Fashion Trends

Worst Minnesota Fashion Trends of the ’00s

take their sweet time before landing in the Midwest. In the Twin Cities, a few people get on the bandwagon early when trendy fashion pieces plucked out of the pages of magazines are brought into local boutiques and department stores. They are coveted for a few months and then pushed aside to make way for the next big thing.

However, for the average Minnesotan outside any “scene”, trends have a much different lifecycle. Most of us are taught never to waste anything: There are poor people in other countries who would be lucky to have gaucho pants! These last season looks take on a groundswell of local support and wear out their welcome. The ’00s will be over in a few short weeks, but these trends will always remind us of the most regrettable fashion moments nike mercurial superfly Minnesotans embraced during the decade.

When did flaunting your muffin top become a good thing? At some point during the decade, jeans migrated from belly buttons to butt cracks. Suddenly, it became the norm to see a stranger’s thong hanging out while shopping for books at Barnes and Noble. If anything, this trend was the one that tossed good old fashioned modesty out the window. The silver lining is that low rise jeans provided the opportunity for ladies to proudly display lower back tattoos. Without this trend, who knows if the term “tramp stamp” would have taken off. Then we’d all be short a few chuckles.

Trend: Knock off designer bagsWe’ve all heard the horror stories about knock off designer bags made by little children in sweatshops, but that didn’t stop people from donning Guggi bags or Prado wallets. On the contrary, in some regions of the state, if you carry a real Louis Vuitton bag it’s considered frivolous. Why would you drop thousands of dollars on a purse when the kiosk at the mall has something that looks identical? That was a hard argument to win and therefore this trend ran wild. Today, designers are cracking down on replicated goods and the hey day of finding a good knock off is over. Word to the wise: if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to do away with the Coacher bag and downsize. Everyone knows.

Spotted: Downt nike mercurial superfly own Minneapolis, Block E

Ed Hardy started something he couldn’t finish and now nike mercurial superfly we are all left to suffer and badly. One of the worst trends in the last few years has been tattoo style t shirts. This trend didn’t stay solo for long; it spread the wealth and jumped onto trucker hats, jeans, jackets and the worst of all: dress shirts. Ty nike mercurial superfly pically, a men’s dress shirt should be crisp and low key but some people felt that it needed spicing up and added embellished dragons that snake around sleeves, sides and shoulders, visually hissing at passersby. Guys, let’s start fresh this next decade, shall we?

nike mercurial superfly Worst jobsBefore they went

Worst jobs

Before they went on to run their own courtrooms, companies, school districts and space shuttle missions, today’s panel of 10 slogged through crummy temp jobs they dreaded just like the rest of us did. We asked them to share their worst workplace nightmare.”My third day at work, I got stuck in a freight elevator for several hours, and once I got out, I was scolded for not completing my duties in a timely manner.

“Many of the nuns literally raced one another in the hall to be the first in line to the cafeteria, and then became angry with me for keeping the doors secured until I was directed to allow them entry.

“Finally, I repeatedly ran into the butcher soiled apron and all in the network of very dimly lit underground tunnels that interconnected facilities. I was scared to death and I lasted there for a whopping month before I convinced my folks that I had to find another job.”


Judge, Champaign County Circuit Court

Employer: A restaurant chain in Memphis.

“I worked full time over the summer as a roast beef slicer at a nike mercurial superfly Roy Rogers franchise in 1963, when I was 16. I am not real mechanically inclined, and I spent the whole summer having nightmares about losing a hand or a finger. The fact that I was making only $1 to $2 per hour did not help.”Owner, Champaign Surplus

Employer: A Champaign family that shall remain nameless.

“I’ve been super fortunate, even during high school and early in my working career, and haven’t had any nightmare jobs. But I did have a funny babysitting experience in about eighth grade.

“I sat regularly for one family, and on this particular instance, the father must have not had any bills in his wallet or wanted to use up a bunch of loose change. So, he paid me for a couple of weeks in mostly nickels and dimes. As he was counting it all out, I just stood there not knowing what to say or do I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“I didn’t have a purse or anything to put it all in and could hardly hold it all. I remember trying to balance it all cupped in my hands, and finally dropping a bunch of the change as I tried to maneuver getting out of his car when he dropped me off at home.

“Now that I’m on the parent side of the equation, I always make sure to have cash on hand for the sitter.”


Owner, Soccer Planet

Employer: A newspaper in his native London.

“In high school, I had a job selling the Evening Standard newspaper at a busy traffic light stop in the city.

“The worst thing that happened to me: I am an avid West Ham United fan and would always wear my maroon and blue scarf. On one occasion nike mercurial superfly , there were many cars using that road t nike mercurial superfly o get to a game to watc nike mercurial superfly h their team, Chelsea. They thought it would be fun to pelt me with pennies as they pulled away from the light.

“Of course, I had the last laugh, because I got to pick up the pennies.”Owner, Art Mart

Employer: An Italian restaurant/store in Chicago.

“I had a job after college at Convito Italiano, right off of Michigan Avenue. Every day when we took the garbage out, we had to heave the bags into a dumpster in the alley, then run and jump on the loading dock because about 30 rats would race out from underneath the dumpster.